Article 1. Application of General Terms of Sale

These terms and conditions apply to the sale of products by SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL ordered from their online boutique ( or by telephone. They are automatically accessible to the purchaser on the website's homepage. Just click on "General Terms of Sale" to consult the terms and conditions applicable to your order, before starting the ordering process. Consequently, the act of placing the order implies that the purchaser accepts these terms and conditions fully and unconditionally, to the exclusion of any other documents, such as leaflets and catalogues issued by the seller, which are purely indicative. The fact that the seller does not cite one of these conditions at a given time may not be interpreted as a waiver of the right to apply it later. In the absence of a particular specification added to the actual terms and conditions agreed by the parties in writing, all orders are subject to these general terms and conditions regardless of any clauses in the purchaser's documents. The purchaser acknowledges having read and accepted these terms and conditions of sale before placing an order. Confirming an order constitutes acceptance of the General Terms of Sale. These terms are subject to modification, so the applicable conditions are those currently displayed on our website on the date the order is placed.

Article 2.a Ordering and payment

Orders are only confirmed when the full price has been paid by the purchaser. Payment is accepted by cheque, bank transfer, Paypal, or bank card. Payment is made in full when the client confirms the order on the website. An invoice may be sent by email, or by post to the invoice address, on the client's request. Wines remain the property of SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL until payment in full of the invoice, as stipulated in law n°80 336 of 1st May 1980 on retention of ownership. However, liability is transferred to the purchaser on delivery, as the transfer of possession entails transfer of the related risks. All our offers are subject to availability, provided that the item has not been sold in the meantime, and do not constitute a firm commitment. If a purchased product is out of stock, SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL will contact you within 48 hours to agree to a change in your order or full or partial reimbursement (at the client's convenience). In view of the rare or speculative character of certain products, restrictions on quantities may apply. In that case, the available quantity is limited by household (same last name, address, email address, account or bank card holder). SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL therefore reserve the right to refuse an order in case of doubt concerning the existence of a previous order for the product.

Article 2.b Payment methods

Bank cards Payments by bank card are secured by an online payment system compliant with SSL standards. Furthermore, no banking information that you communicate to us during your online purchase is stored or visible online. SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL guarantee the confidentiality of your data. Only bank cards bearing the CB, VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS logos are accepted. By choosing payment by American Express, the client agrees to pay a commission of 3.25% of the total order amount (on transactions in EUR) and 2.60% of the total order amount (on transactions in four currencies), corresponding to the commission charged by AMEX. Cheques Cheques are only accepted for payments in euros from bank accounts in France. Made out to SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL and sent to our Head office: Château La Tuilière 33710 Saint-Ciers-de-Canesse. Bank transfers Our bank details are as follows: IBAN: FR76 1330 6001 6323 0768 5025 985

Article 3. Prices

Prices are expressed in euros (€) and include all French taxes (French VAT and all other applicable taxes). They are subject to typographical and display errors. Prices vary according to the country of delivery, depending on administrative costs. The price indicated on the product details does not include delivery. Delivery charges are invoiced depending on the destination and the number and quantity of products ordered. The total amount due, indicated by SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL in the order confirmation, is the final price to be paid, including all taxes (French VAT and all other applicable taxes): this price includes the price of the products, handling, packaging, and storage costs, administrative charges, and delivery. SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL reserve the right to modify their sales prices at any time. N.B.: the client selects the country of delivery to display the corresponding product prices. DELIVERY PRICES APPLICABLE DURING ORDERING ARE AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE.

Article 4. Delivery and acceptance

SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL accept the order and launch shipment on receipt of payment and approval by our order checking department. The items ordered are delivered to the purchaser's home or any other address indicated when the order was placed. Information given by the purchaser during ordering implies the following commitments: In case of erroneous or incomplete information in the recipient's details, the vendor shall not be held liable if it is impossible to deliver the product. If goods are returned due to an incomplete address, the purchaser will be offered two alternatives: - reshipment of the goods after payment of the delivery costs - reimbursement of the cost of the order, following deduction of the delivery costs. Orders are delivered in one shipment, to a single location.

Article 5. Intra-community deliveries

All orders placed via our website,, and delivered to a country in the European Union are subject to the application of French law and taxes. Consequently, a purchaser ordering products for delivery in an EU country authorises SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL to organise collection and shipment of the goods on his/her behalf with the carrier of their choice. In application of French law, all shipments to EU countries are restricted to 90 litres (equivalent to 120 x 0.75L bottles) for still wines and 60 litres (equivalent to 80 x 0.75L bottles) for sparkling wines, with a maximum of 120 bottles for mixed orders, without exceeding the limit of 60 litres of sparkling wine. By accepting our terms of sale when placing an order, the purchaser acknowledges that s/he is aware of these provisions and accepts them in full. If an order exceeds these maximum quantities, SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL will propose prices compliant with the law and taxes of the exporting country. For details of these terms and conditions, please contact us at

Article 6. Verification

If your order is rejected by our order checking department, SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL have the right to require that the purchaser produce proof of identity and address (as well as a K BIS or company registry certificate if the purchaser is a legal entity). If the purchaser refuses or the documents are non-compliant, SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL may require payment by bank transfer in return for cancellation of the bank transaction or destruction of the cheque issued by the purchaser. If the documents are not accepted, the client may request cancellation of the order.

Article 7.a. Delivery dates

SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL agree to make every effort to deliver the products ordered as soon as possible, as indicated on the website and product details. (Delivery times vary according to product availability, the shipping arrangements chosen, and the destination country). If the purchaser orders several products with different delivery dates, the latest delivery date will apply to the entire order. The delivery is made on the scheduled date by handing the product directly to the specified recipient, or, in case of absence, by delivering a collection notice. If the delivery cannot be made on that date, the consumer will be informed as soon as possible and may cancel the order and have the sale rescinded. The client may then request other replacement products or the full reimbursement of the order. The delivery dates are calculated from confirmation of the order, i.e. acceptance of the payment, the bank authorisation (online by bank card), and the approval of the order checking department. Details of our delivery dates are directly available on our website: The cases considered as force majeure, releasing the vendors from their obligation to deliver, are war, riots, and fire.

Article 7.b. Transport and liability

Shipments in transit are always at the recipient's risk. The purchaser is, therefore, responsible for checking the contents of the package on delivery and issuing reservations, if applicable, in the following way: on the delivery slip supplied by the carrier or by calling their customer service immediately, in the presence of the delivery person. And, in all cases, by informing SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL by REGISTERED LETTER to their correspondence address within 2 days after acceptance of the delivery AND by emailing:

Article 8. Out of stock

If a product ordered is permanently out of stock, SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL will inform you as soon as possible and offer the purchaser several alternatives: - Replacing it with the next vintage or a product of equivalent or higher quality under the same pricing conditions. - Reimbursing the price of unavailable products or the entire order, at the client's discretion. In case of a temporary unavailability, the purchaser will be asked if s/he is prepared to wait until a specified date when new stock is expected. If the client does not wish to accept this delay, s/he may request full or partial cancellation of the order.

Article 9. Return option

In application of article L.121-20 of the Consumption Code, the purchaser has a period of 14 full days from delivery of the order to inform the vendor that s/he wishes to return the delivery by emailing The after-sales service will then ask you to return the entire order, for exchange or reimbursement, at the purchaser's discretion, in its original packaging and in good condition with the original invoice and a letter containing the following information: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME

List of products and quantities

Order/invoice n°_____________

Issued on: ___ /___ /20___

Received on: ___ /___ /20___


All the products ordered shall be returned within 14 days. This will trigger the reimbursement of the total sum paid by the client, including the purchase price of the products and any delivery costs (with a deduction for express delivery). If some products have been opened or consumed, these products and all delivery costs will be deducted from the reimbursement to the purchaser. The purchaser is liable for all return costs. The goods are transported exclusively at the purchaser's risk. Goods will be returned by the carrier chosen by the purchaser. The cost of the merchandise will be reimbursed within 14 days after receipt. However, if the client observes an anomaly attributable to SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL (e.g. the product delivered does not correspond to the order), SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL agree to reimburse all expenses incurred by the client: the price of the products as well as the shipping and return costs, provided that they are returned in their original condition.

Article 10. Disputes

These general terms and conditions are subject to French law. In case of dispute, the client will first contact the company to reach an amicable solution. Otherwise, all disputes arising from the fulfilment of an order or the interpretation of these terms and conditions and, more generally, agreements of any kind signed by the parties will come under the jurisdiction of the courts of our Head office location. In case of failure to pay, compensation equivalent to 10% of the invoice amount (minimum 45 euros) will be due, without prejudice to any damages claimed for wrongful resistance.

Article 11. Legal notices

As stipulated in law n° 59-107 of 7 January 1959, prohibiting the sale of alcohol to minors and law n° 74-631 of 5 July 1974, by completing the order form, the purchaser certifies that s/he is eighteen (18) years old on the date of the order by entering his/her date of birth when setting up an account with SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL. Alcohol abuse is bad for your health. Please consume and appreciate it in moderation. Data Protection: Under article 27 of Law n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978, personal data provided by the client may entitle him/her to access and rectify data held by SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL. This website has been registered with the French Data Protection Authority. In order to meet clients' needs and optimise remote service, we need to register certain personal data (last name, first name, address). This information is intended exclusively for the use of SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL.

Article 12. Data protection

The personal information we collect is intended to help us respond to your requests and process your orders as efficiently as possible. In compliance with law n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on personal data protection, you have the right to access, rectify, and delete any personal data concerning you and processed under the responsibility of SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL. You may exercise this right by emailing our customer service at: or write to: Château La Tuilière - 33710 Saint-Ciers-de-Canesse -France Article

13. Images

Photos and illustrations used on the website are non-contractual. The images and photographs are the exclusive property of SARL DUMONT, DORLAND & CLAUZEL and are subject to copyright.